Just Another Blog on the Safety of E-Cigs

As the title suggests, this is just another blog on the safety of e-cigs; this time from the CBC in Canada. The article, touches on the differences between electronic cigarettes and regular cigarettes, as far as composition and regulation. Once again, you find yourself wondering when we might start to see some common sense applied to these issues as the article clearly lays out the health hazards of smoking, the reasons for the hazards and the difference with e-cigs; but doesn’t quite go all the way to draw the obvious conclusion that e-cigs are a superior alternative.

As mentioned in a previous blog, the tobacco industry going all in with regards to e-cigs is going to be a boon to the electronic cigarette industry, both in terms of exposure and lobbying for the ability to market these as a health alternative to tobacco. I am sure this won’t be our last blog on the safety of ecigs as the market continues to grow.

Altria Jumping into E-Cig Market

Marlboro maker Altria, is getting into the electronic cigarette market with their new product, MarkTen. This is big news on a number of fronts; first off, this is a bit of different approach then buying out existing companies like a lot of Marlboro competion has done. Secondly, with a big tobacco lobby in its corner, could e-cigs start to be seen as ‘the safe alternative’ to smoking we all hope?

Well time will tell on the second point, but this certainly adds even more legitimacy to a young industry which is growing rapidly and (hopefully) moving more people off of tobacco and onto e-cigs!